Friendship Baptist Church

Find Real Hope Here!

What should I expect on a Sunday?
     At Friendship Baptist Church, you will find a relaxed and casual atmosphere with a group of people who are truly a family of Christ-followers. You will be welcomed warmly at Friendship Baptist Church...we do try to live up to our name after all! But you won't be singled out or asked to do anything. We are just glad to have you join us! We want you to be yourself, to feel comfortable, and to connect with God in worship since that is why we gather together, to bring praise and honor to our God and King!

     Our Worship Service is led by a fantastic worship team which sings mostly contemporary music. But we do like to mix in some of the old hymns too, occasionally with upbeat, updated music but the same comforting words. 

     Following a time of song and prayer, Pastor Jim continues worship as he preaches an expository message (verse by verse) from the Bible, bringing forth the truth of God's Word so that the church will grow not only in their walk of faith and in their knowledge of Jesus Christ (2 Peter 3: 18) but so that they know the will of God as found in the Word of God.

     We usually have a monthly Fellowship Luncheon which everyone, visitor or long-time member, is invited to attend. While we enjoy spending time together as a family in Christ, we don't just stay in a "holy huddle" inside the church. We are also passionate about going out into our community and impacting our town, the surrounding area and the world through the spread of the Gospel AND through meeting some of the physical needs of people in our area.

What should I wear to worship?
     While some churches are really wound up about clothing and how to "dress up" for church, we care much more about you than about what you wear to church. Now yes, the pastor is usually dressed in a shirt and tie, sometimes with a jacket...but we don't have any artificial standards regarding what you wear. Obviously, we don't want anyone taking that to an extreme (so please don't show up in a bathing suit!). But, the point is, whether you dress up in your "Sunday best" or if you come in jeans and a T-shirt, we are just glad to have you with us! 

What about my kids?
     Your kids are welcome to stay with you during the Worship Service. There is a Nursery Room downstairs for changing or for naps (for little ones!).

What about other activities?

     There is a weekly Bible Study on Thursdays at 7:00p.m., located at the Parsonage at 340 Sturbridge Rd., Brimfield, right around the corner from the church. We also have regular get-togethers of the Women's Ministry (second Saturdays of the month usually); Men's Ministry; and Youth activities. We have monthly Movie Nights as a way for families to spend time together and enjoy a free night out! We are also very active in our community, reaching out when and where we can. 

     Additionally, after worship, we have Coffee Fellowship in the Sanctuary. Once each month, we have a special Fellowship meal.